I have to admit this is not rocket science, but this idea hadn’t crossed my mind until recently.

My SSH public key has been hosted on the net for a while now, and I’ve been using Off-the-Record messaging for my Instant Messaging communications for ages. However, for a third party to trust that those keys were actually mine has been a painful process most of the time.

The tool to make my life easier has always been at the palm of my hand: PGP. I already exchange PGP signatures with almost all those who, like me, are concerned about privacy enough to use OTR, or may be willing to allow me SSH logins but keep my account password locked.

So, I’ve published a couple of web pages hosted here, to hold my OTR Key Fingerprints and my SSH public key, each with some means of validation via PGP. Do not expect fancy stuff here, though.

I have to thank Rod Begbie for the idea. Kudos for you, Rod!