I’ve completely destroyed my Blog on Thursday. Not only I overwrote the directory where it’s held, but also dropped the entire database. I even think I temporarily lost the sub-domain in which it’s hosted. This, added to the fact that I’m having a stressful workweek led for it to be off-line for about 48 hours.

When I realized the huge mistake I’ve done, I tried to get it back online the wrong way: reinstalled everything from scratch, and searched through caches and stuff to get all posts back, which I then pasted as new ones, editing the publishing date. This would’ve let me without comments, of course, but at least the posts would’ve been back.

After having a nice night of sleep yesterday, I remembered those DVDs I keep burning quite often, labeled BACKUP-yyyy-MM-dd. I had one from last week!

Well, everything is now back as it should be. Now, the conclusions from this disaster. First of all, my apologies to any subscriber who may have seen weird stuff from here these last days, and for any comment that might have been lost. I think there’s none, but I’m not entirely sure. Secondly, this event has only strengthened my faith in a good backup policy. I¿ll even do them more frequently. And I strongly recommend everyone does so.

Just in case anyone is curious, I do backups of all systems in my control every three weeks, burning them on DVD after encrypting them with GnuPG. I’m now considering making them every two weeks from now on.