Our statesmen still don’t realize how important time is for IT systems. For the third time in a row, the rules for DST were changed less than a week before they would’ve been implemented.

There’s no way vendors (or maintainers for FLOSS) can keep up with this kind of mambo-jambo. I’m trying hard not to turn this into a political rant, but it seems clear to me that this matter is being handled as almost every other subject by the government. “Just in Time” can be a good concept for compilers, but not for politics.

I pity on those who have to deal with this stuff in a large scale. I’ve received an email last Friday from Microsoft for instance. The subject was (translated from Spanish): “Know how to deal with possible change of time”. Maintainers of tz-data, on their side, haven’t yet released a version fixing this, so my computer’s clock is one hour ahead in time again.

Is it too much to ask, to start thinking about these issues a month before implementing it, instead of just a few hours?