In the many, many, discussions I had with almost every human being since the creation of Facebook, I’ve stated my strong opposition for this kind of sites.

I consider them a huge invasion of one-self’s privacy. People tagging pictures with your name, without your authorization? C’mon! And this happens even if you don’t have an account created? This has to be illegal.

Yet, I’ve managed to keep myself out of this circles until today. Last weekend, a friend threatened me (kidding, of course, but still got me to think) with creating an account on my behalf. Then I realized I’m forced to register and make my profile as public as possible! If there is something worse than having my name on pictures of which existence I’m unaware of, is to have them tagged to a fake profile of myself, where every single piece of data might be accurate but it is not me.

I don’t have a conclusion for these thoughts yet, besides the fact that I’m even more concerned about this type of social networks than before, and that I’ve been forced to do something I did not plan on doing.