Ok, we’re closing on the end of DebConf8. Quite some cool debates for today.

For starters, LessWatts packaging is surely something most welcome by all us laptop users. Sulamita García, an Intel representative, said in very convincing words that these tools allow Linux to greatly increase its energy efficiency. I’m looking forward to trying them.

The OpenSSL BoF was not what I expected. It all went around how to track Debian patches to upstream, and I have to agree with Martin Krafft, this is exactly what he was talking about when he gave the vcs-pkg.org speech.

Last but not least, the netconf issue has to be mentioned. First of all, I think it’s a great idea in the long run, and I’ve already told madduck I’ll contribute to the project in any way I can. Kudos on this one, Martin. On the other hand, I find it incredible that some people can compare this project’s potential to what we currently have with ifupdown stuff. I’m not planning on elaborating about this any more here. If you missed it, just wait for the video stream to be available.