Quite an interesting start. Intense, indeed.

Breakfast Link to heading

Got up, had a breakfast, and headed to the conference room.

The Welcome Talk Link to heading

Margarita Manterola and the local DebConf team gave us a brief description of how much effort it means to assemble a DebConf event in one’s country. I don’t recall having heard this from her, but I guess it’s also as rewarding: this is going really well so far.

Debian Link to heading

Just in case you don’t know it, Debian is turning fifteen years next Friday. Steve McIntyre, current Debian Project Leader, talked about those years, and expressed some thoughts on what to expect and how to be prepared for what’s coming. The discussion that followed was really possitive in my opinion.

the MANCOOSI research project Link to heading

In an extensive chat, Stefano Zacchiroli explained both EDOS and MANCOOSI projects, of course focusing on the latter. I actually liked the way the conference was focused, although I agree with some people I talked to later, it could’ve been shorter.

Lunch Link to heading

I was located at a table with spanish speaking fellows. Quite a nice chatter.

Debian Wiki Link to heading

I missed the beginning of this conference, unfortunately. But for the most part, I disliked most of what was discussed there.

I heard stuff such as that some content from the Wiki should be moved to static pages, and debates about the Wiki and Debian’s main page theme.

Method diffusion in large volunteer projects Link to heading

This rocked. I sincerely don’t care about which version control tool to use, but that wasn’t the point. The study Martin Krafft plans to do is really promising, and the way he presented it was perfect. Clear, simple, detailed.

bits from NMs and users Link to heading

Arrived late at this one too. And unprepared. I hadn’t read the surveys, so I couldn’t follow much of the conference. If I have to give my impressions, it was really boring, but again, this might be because I couldn’t follow a thing.

SPI BOF Link to heading

I didn’t know who Bdale Garbee was until today, I confess. There’s not much to say about this conference, really, as it was mainly focused towards Debian Developers, which I’m not (yet).

I’m considering applying for a non-contributor membership, but it’s not like a sure thing. Still have much reading to do regarding this matter.

I18n mini-session 1/4 Link to heading

Well, and I thought translating was easy. Geez. The infrastructure built around Debian i18n is huge. Good job so far by Christian Perrier and his team so far.

I don’t think I’ll be attending the next session, as it’s conflicting with a conference. Too bad, it seemed interesting.

Dinner Link to heading

Again, spanish speaking guys. An interesting talk, with some different perspectives about DebConf, Debian and FOSS in general.