No post yesterday, I know. I couldn’t attend any of the events, that’s why.

Today, on the other hand, has been great. The talk about Debian’s OpenSSL issue was a very complete one (though I learned almost nothing new), and the Keysigning Party went excellent. Jacobo Tarrío even brought a blacklight and everything!

Also, we took the group photo. Hundreds of geeks on a beach, inside a carefully delimited frame, with a pirate flag waving at the wind. Quite funny indeed, not to mention Andrew McMillan’s amazing job taking the picture, for which he configured the autoshooting, ran all the way down the dock, and then again all the way to the frame to appear on it in time. I hope someone recorded that.

I’m looking forward for the BoF about OpenSSL tomorrow. It looks very promising.

Now, I have to prepare everything for keysigning, and perhaps even update my certification policy. If you’re reading this and expecting a signature from me, please note they’ll be done when I’m at Buenos Aires, namely this Sunday or Monday.