Quite some time since my last post huh.

After an uneventful trip, I got to Mar del Plata. Wait, I’ve got something to say about it: there’s an YPF gas station in the 91th Km. of route 2 which has the tastiest croissants I’ve ever eaten. You cannot miss them if you go by it.

Back to business. I’ve checked into the hotel and the conference. In a really fast process, I got my room, a really nice Debian bag, a T-Shirt, and quite a lot of brochures about the city, the country and a sponsor. Oh, and a certificate stating that I was here since today and until next Sunday.

I still have some stuff to do I left pending in Buenos Aires, so I might not be sleeping quite that much today. Anyways, I’m really excited to be here, and anxious too. My next posts will undoubtly be more frequent, at least while the DebConf is happening.