Well, I definately must start shortening up these entries. This does not look like me anymore.

So, I’ll stick to the highlights from now on.

Debian and Ubuntu was one of, if not the most expected event. Proof of that is that the room was crowded, and there were more than two hundred people watching the streaming video.

Mark Shuttleworth shared with us his view on the Debian/Ubuntu issue. Of course, a conciliatory one. Sort of “Ubuntu complements Debian” and stuff. I sort of bought it. It wasn’t that hard to convince me anyways, I will always prefer a computer running Ubuntu over Windows.

Why Is Linux and Free Software Like a Player Piano? was a complete mystery to me. When I read that title in the schedule, I knew I had to attend to it just for mere curiosity. It turned out to be an excellent dissertation from Jon Maddog Hall, in which he talked about history of pianos and resemblances to software. Really cool and funny.

Outside the schedule, I’ve only recently seen the email where the Canonical guys will invite us a beer at Antares. So, I already have plans for after dinner.