In today’s networked world, it is unthinkable that a user should read a ton of documentation, and deal with plain text configuration files, to get online or reach the network at his home, work or college.

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This application comes to the aid of common users, by providing a foolproof UI to handle network connections, be them wired or wireless, public or private. It is, even with the faults it may still have, a really fine tool.

It has a pluggable approach for VPN support, which I find to be a very nice feature. And has had PPTP support for some time now.

However, for some reason, Debian packagers didn’t include PPTP support until recently. Enrico Tassi offered himself to package it, and so he did. Thank you so much, Enrico!

Now, for us users of Gnome, the only requirement to be able to connect to a PPTP VPN is to get network-manager-pptp-gnome from the official repos. Users of other desktop environments should download network-manager-pptp, and they’re done!

Of course, this is available on sid for the time being. It may take some time until it hits the stable repos…

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